New venue

a year ago

Ladies and Gentleman, Mares and Stallions! The one constant is change, so to keep up with the tradition started by our previous conventions, we are changing our location.

Be calm however, for the reason is prosaic in it's simplicity. You have probably seen Michelle Creber and Black Gryp0n's video about their new Getting Stronger Tour.

Our special guests had some difficulties pronouncing the name of our venue, so after some discussion we decided to change it to one with a less challenging name.

Thanks to the help of Elblag's MOSiR director and with the assistance from the Mayor, we can have our convention take place in Elblag's Sports and Exhibition Centre.

The big space that we were given will let us conduct our convention in a comfrotable and peaceful manner for both our guests and our attendees.

We even joke that our volunteers (for whom we still have vacancies or You to take if you wish) will have to work on their constitution to be able to patrol the whole perimiter.

As well as with the good changes, we also urge everyone who wants to attend and who didn't reserve a ticket yet, to do so here.

Mystery solved

a year ago

Our secret munuscript has been deciphered!

RC sent us the right answer and won a golden ticket.

And this is how you can solve it:

Special Guests!

a year ago

With great pleasure it is to us to tell you, that our convention will be honoured by two great personalities! It will not only be their first visit in Poland, but in these parts of Europe as well. The performance of this duet will be the main event of our Gala Concert.

Michelle Creber and Gabriel Brown will be performing exclusively for You!

Yes, you aren’t mistaken, Applebloom and BlackGryphon will honour us with their presence at Elbląg! Michelle’s parents will arrive also and they will tell us about their experiances with voice acting and music industry.

Book your tickets today, for the amount of bronze options is limited!

You can read more about our guests here. Please remember to keep a close eye on our fanpage and check our tweets!

Keep Yourselves safe!

Attention! Contest!

a year ago

One of our organizers found a mysterious tome when he was cleaning his uncle’s attic, which contained a torn-out page covered in strange language with illegible symbols. After consulting with his sister, he decided, that he will reward someone who cracks the notes with a golden ticket to our con!

All details of the contest are contained within the photo of our mysterious page.

We also remind you that the amount of bronze options is limited, so book your tickets today!

There’s no time to lose, so get to it, my Dear Little Ponies!

More guests

a year ago

It is with great honor for us to announce, that the guest list has been expanded by two bands.

Re: Make (formerly known as AcousticBrony) and Przewalski's Ponies will grace our convention with their presence and they will have their performances during our gala concert. The guest list is still open, so keep your tabs on our fanpage and webpage to be up to date with our news!

You can find more info about the bands here.

Show your Generosity!

a year ago

Today, our fundraiser campaing has been published on through which you can support our convention. In exchange for your donations you will be able to get plushies, mugs, pins and a unique handshake of the Chairman!

We also remind you that there is a limited number of tickets with gadgets (There are only 13 left and every day at least one is sold).


News news news.

a year ago

Another week, another news! And boy are they interesting!

This early sunday morning I welcome you here to present you the list of disclosed attractions that await you!
These include:
- CCG Tournament
- Karaoke
- Sister Hooves Social Tournament

This week, the crowdfunding campaign will be starting as well, directed towards gathering money for inviting as many special guests as we can. It is also a great occasion to acquire our special Chanterlot Plushies! Even there there is a small surprise for you to find, and I must say it is a big surprise!

Also, keep an eye out for news, as there will be more contests announced, including one to win some special prizes or our Event Passes.



a year ago

My little ponies!

We have some very special news for you to start this wonderful weekend!

This sunday, at 12 o’ clock, our ticket reservation system will go live!

It will be located here:

Every option (except for one for who loves luxury) will be presented on pictures below.
Chose your tickets today and don’t let anyone snatch them right from under your nose!

First Guest

a year ago

Howdy Everypony!
Some have their winter break now, but not us! I have special news, which some avaited deerly. First of them is that one of the events during our concert is a special performance by the students of the school, where our event will take location, which will include classical versions of our pony music. During said part, our fandom artists will make their appearances.

Moreso, our special guest, Blake ShadyVox Swift has confirmed that he will honour us with his presence!

We can’t confirm any other guests yet to not raise your hopes in vain, as we want to list only those guests who will appear with 100% certainty.
For the moment I wish you all tons of snow and lots of fun during the winter break!

Let's Start!

a year ago

My Little Ponies!
We wish to invite you to the biggest and (with Your attendence we hope) the best convention of MLP in Poland!

We will provide you with a multitude of attractions, multiple panels and lectures, competitions and the abbility to meet interesting people. The main event will be the Gala Concert at which the students of the Music School of Elbląg will perform pony hits for us and much more. Aside from classical music we will also hear the biggest stars of the fandom’s music scene, which will perform live for You!