Let's Start!

a year ago

My Little Ponies!
We wish to invite you to the biggest and (with Your attendence we hope) the best convention of MLP in Poland!

We will provide you with a multitude of attractions, multiple panels and lectures, competitions and the abbility to meet interesting people. The main event will be the Gala Concert at which the students of the Music School of Elbląg will perform pony hits for us and much more. Aside from classical music we will also hear the biggest stars of the fandom’s music scene, which will perform live for You!

The Event is targeted at not only the fans of our colorful ponies, but to everyone who is interested in western animation, culture and art. Many of the lectures and panels will tell you of them and much more, so that everyone could find something nice for him or herself.

Don’t wait! Book your tickets and reserve your time for the last weekend of June to visit Elbląg and come and have great fun with us at Pony Congress 2016!

We await you!