New venue

a year ago

Ladies and Gentleman, Mares and Stallions! The one constant is change, so to keep up with the tradition started by our previous conventions, we are changing our location.

Be calm however, for the reason is prosaic in it's simplicity. You have probably seen Michelle Creber and Black Gryp0n's video about their new Getting Stronger Tour.

Our special guests had some difficulties pronouncing the name of our venue, so after some discussion we decided to change it to one with a less challenging name.

Thanks to the help of Elblag's MOSiR director and with the assistance from the Mayor, we can have our convention take place in Elblag's Sports and Exhibition Centre.

The big space that we were given will let us conduct our convention in a comfrotable and peaceful manner for both our guests and our attendees.

We even joke that our volunteers (for whom we still have vacancies or You to take if you wish) will have to work on their constitution to be able to patrol the whole perimiter.

As well as with the good changes, we also urge everyone who wants to attend and who didn't reserve a ticket yet, to do so here.