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Everypony will be able to find a decent sleepover place during the Con in Elbląg.

Those who value commodity, may be interested in:

  • Hotel Elbląg**** - located in the centre of the Old Town, 15 min. of walk or one tram stop away from the Event’s location
  • Hotel Viwaldi*** - on the opposite of Hotel Elbląg
  • Hotel Pod Lwem*** - another hotel in Old Town, hovewer, this one is closer to the tram stop
  • Arbiter Hotel*** - one of the oldest hotels in Elbląg, in the neighbourhood of Old Town

Attendees for wich a comfy bed will suffice can take up an offer from:

  • Hotel Żuławy*** - In Downtown, with a good connection by tram from the Event’s Location
  • Hotel Galeona** - Near Old Town, about 10 minutes of walk from our location
  • Atletikon** - a hostel facility of MOSiR, located near the city centre, about 15 minutes of walk from the con

For those who prefer to save their money, there is an option of booking a bed in the Music School's boarding house here or to stay overnight in the gymnastics hall of the Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych here(the amount of room will be limited hovewer, due to sanitary and fire prevention reasons!) about 15 minutes of walk or 4 tram stops away from our Location. A map with marked hotels and overnight housings is here.