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83fd00b234-1-informacje1. When and where will the Event happen?

Pony ConGress 2016 will take place on 25th and 26th June in the city of Elbląg. The event will begin in the building of Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych im. Kazimierza Wiłkomirskiego, on Traugutta 91 street.

2. I want to come to the event, what should I do?

To be certain that there will be enough room for you, you should register on our website, ponycongress.pl and pay the admission fee. Nextly, you should arrive in good humor at the Event’s Location.

3. How high is the Admission Fee?

The current list and description of the Fees will be here. The money which we will gather will be used in order to pay for the rent of location, prizes and food and other organizational means.

4. I would like to buy pony gadgets, pictures. Will I have a possibility to do it?

Of course, on the grounds of the Event there will be lots of stalls which will offer you a wide variety of gadgets ranging from buttons and mugs and going through giant plushies and up to figurine’s sets.

5. I am x-years old. Can I come to the Event or are there any age restrictions?

The con is thought for people of all ages, without any restrictions based on it. The only rule is that if you are less than 15 years of old, you need to bring a special, signed permission from your parents (the form can be found here), or come with a chaperone (an older brother or sister will suffice).

6. I will come earlier, on friday, will I have anything to do at the Location?

On friday there will be the last preparations and rehearsals, but any willing people can spend their time in our friendly tavern (which offers good discounts after showing a special ID).

7. I come from far away, can I count on a sleepover?

In the city there will be a wide variety of hotels and tourist shelters. There will also be a place to sleep in the school or in the boarding house. More details here.

8. It will be my first con, I don’t know anyone, is there any sense for me to arrive?

Of course! Ponymeets and cons are organized so that Bronies from whole of Poland and Europe could meet, play and explore the Magic of Friendship together. The most important thing is to be smiling and don’t be afraid of others (no matter how strange they seem) and we guarantee that you will meet new people, or maybe even new friends?

9. How to get to the Event’s Location?

A detailed route how to get there is available here.

10. Will there be a way to order some food?

Of Course! In the Information boothe there will be brochures from nearby bars and pizzerias, as well as the possibility to eat delicious grill dishes out in our friendly tavern.

11. I would like to help organizing.

We will gladly oblige you! If you would like to present an interesting lecture, or you would like to become a volunteer helper, or eventually, set up a stall, after the registration you can file in an additional form for us.

12. I need visa to come to Poland, how can I get one?

You need to check local Polish Embassy, and file the appropriate form. As a contact in Poland you can provide the following: Fundacja Polskich Bronies "Canterlot" phone no. +48 12 359 28 03, email [email protected]