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Especially for you we have invited special guests to Elbląg: musicians, artists, writers and many other performers who make the world prettier with their works. Here we will post the list of the invited guests you could meet during the con.

aeaf9d1c31-mcMichelle Creber (Apple Bloom / singing voice of Sweetie Belle)

Michelle is a 17-year-old Canadian actor, singer, dancer, musician, song-writer and voiceover artist. She is known internationally as the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice of "Sweetie Belle" on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Michelle was only 10 during season one, when she recorded her epic gospel vocals for Hush Now Quiet Now. Her onscreen credits include Supernatural, Disney’s Search for Santa Paws, Hallmark’s Smart Cookies and The Hub’s Haunting Hour. Michelle’s music has been embraced by fans worldwide and feature vocal skills and style beyond her years. A frequent collaborator, she has recorded songs with Andrea Libman, Daniel Ingram, The Living Tombstone, MandoPony, Steffan Andrews and even a duet with Billy Joel for the Hallmark movie, Just the Way You Are. After a successful 2013 cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It with Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n), Michelle and Gabe have continued to work together; recording, performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and co-writing songs for their new album.

Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n)

Gabriel is a 27-year-old American singer, actor, voice actor, songwriter and animator. One of MLP fandom’s most popular artists, he gained a following with songs like Proud To Be A Brony, his “licious” animation series and his appearances on Bronies React. At 18, Gabe joined the US Navy in special operations before touring the Eastern Hemisphere as lead singer, 7th Fleet Band Orient Express. Now pursuing an entertainment career in Canada, Gabe’s credits include commercial voiceover, lead vocals on MLP’s True True Friend Winter Wrap-up (Ultimate Mash-up), backing vocals on MLP’s 5th season & Equestria Girls Friendship Games, lead vocals for Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures theme, recording projects with Andrea Libman and Tabitha St. Germain, and the popular IMmortal CD with his brother Baasik. After a successful cover of Beat It in 2013 with Michelle Creber (voice of Apple Bloom), the pair have continued performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and recording original songs for a new album.

Monique Creber

Monique has a diverse entertainment career. She is an engaging performer with a rich alto voice, described as “eerily similar to that of the late, great Karen Carpenter”. Studio and TV vocal credits include My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Smile Song, Hearth Carol, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, At the Gala), Martha Speaks, George of the Jungle and The Collector. Monique has produced songs for film & TV as well as projects featuring artists like Michelle Creber, Gabriel Brown, The Living Tombstone, Daniel Ingram and Andrea Libman. Performance highlights include symphony guest vocalist appearances, TV/ radio shows and NHL anthems. Monique has taught vocals, piano and musical theatre extensively and enjoys coaching and career consulting for singers, actors and voice actors. She currently divides her time between the studio, stage and set; plus managing the busy careers of her daughter Michelle (voice of Apple Bloom) and Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n).

Michael Creber

Michael is a Grammy-nominated and Juno Award-winning artist who was dubbed “a cross between Floyd Cramer and Thelonius Monk” by one LA reviewer. Michael pursues a wide-ranging career as a pianist, composer, arranger and producer; embracing many genres of music including jazz, Latin, R&B, rock, pop, musical theatre, country, folk and classical. He has recorded and toured internationally with k.d. lang (including performances on Saturday Night Live, the Grammy Awards, and six appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson), the Irish Rovers (36 television specials) and world-renowned family entertainer, Raffi (including President Clinton’s inauguration and sold-out shows on Broadway). Michael also co-wrote and co-produced Raffi's Bananaphone, now a cult classic! He has worked with Martin Short, Joan Rivers, Bob Newhart, Regis Philbin, The Rankin Family, Shirley Bassey, Powder Blues, John Sebastian, Roger Miller, Charo and David Foster. In addition, Michael has released three albums of his own original music.

c397ac9417-svBlake "ShadyVox" Swift

Well known fandom activist, mostly associated with Button Mash Adventures, as of course the voice of the main character. Shady besides voice acting has also begun working in the music industry. He's already released his first album under the pseudonym Scratch21. Last year he was guest of honor on MLK 2015, when he sung his orignial song "Strangers".

b714f36bc8-przewalscyPrzewalski’s Ponies

The most pony of pony rock bands and the most rocky of pony rock bands! This Russian band plays a unique mix of hard timbre and colourful horsies - brony rock! They've recorded two CDs, concerted all around Europe (they even visited Gdansk and Cracow) and they keep creating new songs. You can listen to their music here.


A British band formerly known as AcousticBrony, characterized by unique style of alternative rock. Their beginings included instrumental covers and music themes, just to evolve into composing their own music. They are well known by their songs “Spectrum” or “Loyalty”. More of their music can be heard here.