Help us

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If you want to co-create this wonderful event with us, you can do it in one of the following ways:

People interested in Voluntary Helper functions or as staff are invited to fill in a form.

Applications are enclosed

When you fill the form you should remember to describe what division you would like to help in. The divisions are as follow:
  • Entrance and acreditation
  • Security Staff
  • Technical Staff
  • Gopher
  • Medic
Your responsibilities will depend on your designated area of work, which can include:
  • The accreditation of attendees and guests
  • Preparing the rooms and the site before the event, as well as cleaning up after the event
  • Keeping the Locations clean and tidy
  • Assistance to the Technical Staff Assistance to the Medical Staff
  • Carrying out the immediate orders of the organizers

In exchange for that you can get:

  • The return of your entrance fee (after the event)
  • One hot meal
  • Additional discount for meals and drinks in the Convention’s Tavern Coffe and tea and cold drinks.
  • The satisfaction of helping to organize a great Event.

If you want to share your knowledge and wisdom with the others during a lecture, or you want to perform an interesting event in the programme, you can tell us here.
When filing the form you should point out to what programme block your show should be sorted into.

For conducting an event in the programme, you will get:

  • The return of the entrance fee - 50% for 1 hour, 100% for 2 hours (after the Event)
  • Coffe and Tea and cold drinks
  • Additional discount for drinks in the Convention’s Tavern
We will answer any form or question up to two weeks.