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The con will have a rich programme full of different kinds of attractions, so all of you could find something for you. The programme will be divided into main blocks:

  • MLP Block - the thing that Little Ponies love the most.
  • The Western Animation Block - Gravity Falls, Steven Univers, Johnny Bravo, other animations, which gathered lots of fans from all over the world.
  • The General Lecture Block - Not only does the man live with ponies, so here you will be able to listen about history, art, science and many more interesting things.
  • The Contest Block - there will be a way to proof your knowledge, reflex and a way to gain some nice prizes!
  • The Artistic Block - a place for everyone who will want to delve into the depths of drawing, sculpting or sewing.
  • The Music Block - the main event of the programme will be the Gala Concert, on which you could hear your favorte music played by live performers. We also have a little surprise for you: some of the songs will be played in different styles that you know!

Aside from that you can always play board and console video games (starting from NES and ending at PS4) at Luna’s Room, challenging your friends during the intervals.

The full programme is HERE.