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The convention will take place in Elbląg's Sports and Exhibition Centre.

It is located near the Station. You can get there by walk, or take two tram stops. The trip to there from Old Town, where most of the hotels are located, is just as easy and it takes only 10 minutes by tram. A map with marked stops and hotels is here. You can read about the housing options here. In order to reach the conplace by public transport, you must take a tram from lines 1, 2 or 4 that runs towards Druska and get off on the stop “Grunwaldzka - PWSZ”. To reach the Music School in which the sleepover will be provided (or the centre) you must take the same tram lines running towards Ogólna and get off on the stop “1-go Maja - Sąd” (or Plac Słowiański if you are going to the centre).

As for the arrival in Elbląg, it is also very easy.

  • From most of the countries, you can take a plane to Warsaw or Gdańsk (PolskiBus has also started it's international autocar lines to Danzig.), from where there are easy connections leading straight to Elbląg.
  • To arrive from other cities in Poland, the best option would be to take a train (with eventual transfer in Malbork or Tczew) or a bus. From Warsaw there are tourist buses PolskiBus (the price starts at 2 PLN), and from Danzig, there is a PKS bus every hour or so.
  • For people with their own cars, we will provide a parking lot closed for the night.
  • You can plot your direct course here.

You can read more about the Centre here.